Perfectly Grown Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire

$1,299.00 $3,495.00


Stunning Lab Grown Carat Diamond Solitaire

Exceptional Ideal Cut

Maximum Scintilation and Fire

Set in 14Kt Gold. 


What is an Ethically Grown Diamond?

Ethically Grown Diamonds are identical in every way to a mined diamond. Lab Grown Diamonds are diamonds with the same hardness of below ground mined diamonds, therefore they have the same durability and longevity. In simple terms, ice that forms in Nature from water are below ground diamonds and ice that forms in the freezer from water are above grown ethically grown diamonds.

You can expect a diamond that is almost 250% larger for the same price when selecting a lab grown diamond. 

Environmentally, nature does not need to be disrupted in order to find your perfect diamond.