Lab Grown Diamonds are identical in every way to a mined diamond and lab grown Moissanite are a great alternative to diamonds that still have many of the characteristics of a natural mined diamonds.  Unlike synthetic stones like Cubic Zirconias, Lab Grown Diamonds and Moissanites are the same or very near the hardness of natural mined diamonds, therefore they have the same durability and longevity.  At Shamin, we give you our honest opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of buying lab grown over mined.  We firmly believe there is a place for each to shine in the marketplace.  

While a rare exceptional quality 1 Carat Natural Mined Diamond can be over CAN$10,000, a Lab Grown diamond of the same quality would be CAN$4,000 and a similar exceptional Lab Grown Moissanite would be CAN$800.  

To learn more please see our blog on Lab Grown Stones.  

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