What is Tungsten?  

Tungsten carbide, typically in the form of a cemented carbide (carbide particles brazed together by metal), has become a popular material in the bridal jewelry industry due to its extreme hardness and high resistance to scratching.  Even with high-impact resistance, this extreme hardness also means that it can occasionally be shattered under certain circumstances. Some consider this useful, since an impact would shatter a tungsten ring, quickly removing it, where precious metals would bend flat and require cutting.

Tungsten carbide is roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold. In addition to its design and high polish, part of its attraction to consumers is its technical nature. Special tools, such as locking pliers, may be required if such a ring must be removed quickly.

Benefits of a Tungsten Band are that the band always looks polished and brand new.  

Tungsten and Carbide powders are forged together at over 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit to form rings that are virtually indestructible and scratch proof. Then they are polished with a diamond compound, resulting in a polish and shine that will last forever. Tungsten rings offer the perfect combination of unbelievable strength with style and comfort. 

Why Tungsten Carbide? 


With gold, platinum and even titanium rings, you will notice varying degrees of scratching, denting and surface mars. However, with tungsten rings, the surface will maintain it's original beautiful shiny finish forever. 

Many people also enjoy the heavy weight of a tungsten ring. The enduring polish of a tungsten ring together with the solid weight, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond. 

Hard Facts About Tungsten Carbide Rings: 

  •  Tungsten bands are the most wear resistant rings available on the planet.
  •  Tungsten is about 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. 
  • Tungsten measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Diamonds are a 10 - the highest.)
  • Due to their extreme hardness, Tungsten Rings will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring on the market.
  • Tungsten rings have been referred to as the "Permanently Polished Rings".
  • Tungsten rings will NOT bend.
  • In the event of an emergency, a ring can be removed by a medical professional or by us at Shamin with just a locking plier.  A snap is all it takes. 
  • Each tungsten ring is individually hand crafted using assorted diamond abrasives and poly crystalline diamond tooling.

The Manufacturing Process 

Tungsten with carbon and other elements are ground into a powder and then compressed with high pressure dies to form a ring blank. 

The blank is then fired in an oxygen free furnace at an astounding 6,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This process called sintering creates the hardest metal used for making jewelry. 

The ring is then cut and shaped using diamond tools with approximately 30 steps required for completion. The cutting and shaping of a tungsten ring is similar in many ways to the cutting and polishing of a rough diamond. 

Tungsten rings inlay with gold, silver, platinum are created by grinding a channel in the center of the ring and precisely "swedging" the metal into the channel under extreme pressure. 

The ring is then skillfully polished with diamond polishing tools and wheels creating a permanent luster and polish not possible with other metals. 

A Tungsten ring will remain polished forever, and is scratch resistant. It is a unique metal that epitomizes today's man more than any other. 

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