Custom Made Mystic Fire Topaz and White Sapphire Ring

$249.00 $699.00

Hand crafted in Platina 4, this stunning one of a kind ring has a central Mystic Fire Topaz measuring 6mm and 8 White Sapphires accenting the Topaz. 

What is Platina 4?

Platina 4, or P4, is a unique precious metal alloy that incorporates gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The blend creates an inexpensive alternative to gold jewelry. It sounds impossible at first – a blend of all four precious metals that’s cheaper than gold alone? To make sense of it, you need to look at the makeup of Platina 4, which breaks down to:

Silver: 80.2%
Palladium: 6.2%
Gold: .27%
Platinum: .12%

The rest is a proprietary alloy that makes Platina 4 more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. All of the metals combined give Platina 4 several advantages over other types of jewelry. For example, Platina 4 looks identical to white gold, but doesn’t require rhodium plating. It’s also more scratch resistant than 14k gold and more tarnish resistant than sterling silver. And unlike pure platinum, Platina 4 can be easily polished and resized.