As a full service jeweller, we are here for all your jewellery needs.  From basic repairs to custom making new pieces from your old ones, we do it all.  

We also offer:


Appraisals are important in the event of theft and are even required when you cross borders. 

Insurance Replacement Quotes

In the event of a loss, your insurance company will require an insurance replacement quote.  We provide that service to you and to most insurance underwriters.  

Cleaning and Checking 

Cleaning and checking your fine jewellery is very important and should be done every six months by a reputable jewellery store.  We provide this service, in most cases, free of charge. 

Ear Piercing

Since 1995, starting with my own daughter, we have pierced over a thousand babies.  We use the Inverness System which is one of the best ear piercing systems in the market. We also offer solid gold earrings for piercings as well as stainless steel.  


We are a full-service jeweller and we can repair most jewellery items.  From broken chains to missing diamonds, please come in and see us so we can return your jewellery to it's original sparkle.